Panic grips “illegal” Private Higher Institutions as MINSUP announces Probe

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Cameroon’s  Minster of Higher Education who is Chancellor of Academic Orders, Jacques Fame Ndongo has announced that investigations are ongoing at his ministry “to verify the accreditation status of Private Higher Education Institutes all over the national territory”. This is contained in a press release signed on August 23, 2016.


Proprietors of Private Higher Institutions that have been operating without authorization are reportedly having sleepless nights as the MINSUP boss is vehement that “anyone caught acting ultra vires (against the law) shall be summoned to appear in front of the Ethics sub-committee of the National Commission for Private Higher Education in Cameroon for appropriate sanctions” .

 MINSUP has also advised candidates wishing to register into any Private Higher Education Institute in Cameroon “to always verify the accreditation status of the Institute concerned at the website of the Ministry of Higher Education at”·

 The minster has also revealed that the Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) is not affiliated to the Higher Education System of Cameroon warning that “candidates registering in this institute for Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D programs are doing so at their own risks, because their certificates are not going to be recognized by the Higher Education System of Cameroon”.

 In the same vein, St MONICAUniversity in Buea has also been identified as not accredited to run Ph.D programs and/or issue certificates at this level. Holders of Ph.D degrees from St MONICA University in Buea have according to the release are warned to desist from using them.

 Although the decision to probe on Private Higher Institutions has been seen as a stitch in time to bring order to the cacophony that has been in the domain for some time, many are those who are questioning why it took so long for MINSUP to react or why MINSUP allowed them to function in the first place.

 Order No. 01/0096/MINESUP of 7 December 2001 to lay down conditions for the setting-up and functioning of private higher education institutions states that the proprietor of a school should present at each stage of the setting-up process a file which enables him, if all the required conditions are fulfilled, to gradually obtain an authorization to set up an institution, an authorization to open it, to operate it (on the basis of a final approval) or to extend it.

 The case of the Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) is very preoccupying.

 “Who issued PAID a CD number plate? Why has the governor and representatives of other govt ministries been attending PAID graduation ceremonies? Why has the institution not been closed? Why have they been permitted to advertise and present the institution on CRTV on a number of occasions? Why are their attestations and certificates being certified by governors? Why do other governments and sponsors send people to study in PAID on scholarship?” wondered Cuba Arman a former student of that school.

It is worth noting that during their graduation in June 2016, it was the Governor of the South West region that presided at the ceremony with the academic discourse delivered by one of Cameroon’s academic, Pr Emmanuel Pondi who is Secretary General of the University of Yaounde I and a heavy weight in MINSUP.

 Created in 1969, PAID-WA is part of the expanding network of Pan African Institute for Development International (I’PAID), a highly respected African institution providing capacity development and innovative research outcomes to accelerate the growth and development of the region.   Our continental network, I’PAID, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary their anniversary in 2014


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